Nameste is a greeting which recognises the divinity in us all, and it means ‘I bow to you’.
So Namaste! I’m Tania and I teach weekly mindful vinyasa yoga classes in London Bridge / Bermondsey.
Why practice with me?
  • A passionate, experienced and committed Ha-tha and Vinyasa yoga teacher.
  • Regular open classes in central London, and also leads workshops and retreats.
  • Portfolio also includes Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama.
  • Well qualified; with over 1,000 hours invested in yogic learning.
  • Holistic and responsive teaching style. Aims to facilitate a sense of quiet self-awareness in her students, and learning about the body, the asanas and breathing techniques.
  • Tania believes that the wonderful tools and techniques of yoga should be made available for everyone; and teaches all ages from prenatal to the elderly!