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Totem Animal Yoga and Art Workshop

November 23, 2014 from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm
London, United Kingdom

At this unique workshop we’ll be celebrating the new moon and connecting with our deeper selves. In the first half, you will be guided through a physical yoga practice focusing on animal forms in yoga. We will then compleat a meditation /visualisation practice that will enable you to find your own personal animal spirit / guide. After you have found your unique animal we will together honor the attributes of our personal Totems with a mask-making workshop and closing ceremony.Suitable for adults, this workshop intends to take you closer to the natural world, while having fun and creating a beautiful piece of artwork that you can take home with you.

It is believed in shamanism that we can draw on the special qualities and abilities of animals to guide us and help us in our lives. In rituals, movement is often incorporated both to relax, but also to help align the individual with the energies and essence of certain animals.

At this unique workshop we’ll be learning some of the secrets of the animal world, and participants will be guided to find their own unique animal totem. They will do this via a guided inner journey through a waterfall in the mind where their animal will appear to them. We’ll then learn about the role of animals as guides in shamanism, for example some animals are nurturers and protectors; others have great fertility and gentleness. Some embody strength and courage, and some can teach playfulness. Animals can help us recognise our own skills, and know when to use certain skills. For example owls have amazing hearing and when one appears in our lives it might mean that we need to listen carefully.

The animal world shows us the potential we can unfold. But to learn from them, we must first learn to speak with them.’ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak.

This yoga, art and shamanism workshop will take place in a beatuful victorian warehouse close to London Bridge, Tower Hill or Bermondsey Tube stations.

Refreshments provided.


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