The Yoga For Dementia Programme

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Much more detailed info will be available on our dedicated Yoga For Dementia Website launching shortly. 

The gentle methods of the ‘Yoga for Dementia’ programme stimulates cognitive pathways, improves physical and mental coordination and balance, and increases a sense of wellbeing.

The programme is adapted for those living with all stages of Dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease, and can also help with early symptoms.

The programme also has multiple benefits for staff including techniques to deal with stress and anxiety. The sequences also help with the physical demands of being a care giver for example relief for neck and shoulders strain, and back problems.

Research consistently shows yoga improves verbal memory skills and visual spatial memory. Studies also show yoga has better results than standard memory exercises in reducing depression and anxiety, improving coping skills and resilience to stress. Extensive research and case studies are available HERE.

This innovative method involves adapted physical yoga exercises, guided meditations, visualisations and fun exercises that care givers can do with residents to bring benefits to all.

Our sequences suit clients of all physical and mental abilities. Sessions range from active standing sequences to suit those with early stage dementia to gentle sessions suitable to those who are bed bound.

We work together with healthcare providers, care homes and private clients to deliver tailored packages to suit your needs.

Individual programmes can include:

  • Ongoing Professional Yoga Classes for residents

  • Training Days with qualified yoga teachers for up to 10 carers or other home staff

  • Teaching resources to enable staff to deliver tried and tested sequences

  • Home visits to train family care givers

  • Follow up help and support

Designed by experienced yoga teachers with support from medical doctors, and tried and tested by care home staff and managers.